3 Oscar-Worthy Popcorn Hacks

Sure, donning a gown or tux and walking down the red carpet sounds fun… in theory. Even better? Relaxing on your couch and watching your favorite celebs do it.

On Sunday, leave the stress to the stars and let Boxed take care of the snacks. Here are three popcorn hacks worthy of a long-winded acceptance speech… well, if our mouths weren’t full. Check out the popcorn recipes below to find out which snacks are worthy of a supporting role in your Sunday night.

Bring-You-To-Your-Nominees Nutella Popcorn


Photo: Kim Beaulieu/FoodFanatic

Everything is better with Nutella… including popcorn. In this recipe from Kim Beaulieu, Nutella is a total scene-stealer. We dare you to take your eyes of the bowl. We made it with Skinny Pop and used our own organic brown sugar, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, salt, pure vanilla extract, and, of course, our two-pack of 32 oz. Nutella. Because you know the only thing better than popcorn made with Nutella is dipping that popcorn in more Nutella. Just sayin’.

Take the Cake Popcorn

Birthday popcorn

Photo: Tasty Kitchen/EatLiveRun

There is nothing sweeter than victory… except this popcorn. When your favorite stars are called to the stage, celebrate them in style with rainbow sprinkles worthy of the red carpet. This amazing popcorn recipe from Danelle at Let’s Dish is sure to be a hit with couch critics everywhere. We made Skinny Pop the star of this show, adding our Pillsbury cake mix, Kraft jet-puffed marshmallows and pure vanilla extract in supporting roles. You heard it here first: This recipe really takes the cake.

Now Starring: Sriracha Popcorn

Sriracha Popcorn

Photo: Domestic Superhero

While we can’t spice up a boring speech, we can spice up your award night snacks. We love this Sriracha popcorn hack from Domestic Superhero. Skinny Pop and Sriracha are the true stars of the show.


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