The 5 Commandments of Food Storage Etiquette

When you’re living that bulk life, you tend to plan ahead. You know, prepping meals on Sunday so you’re all set to go wherever the week takes you. Now there’s a bulk solution to storing all that yum: Rejoice, Prince & Spring’s Food Storage Containers are here! Before we let our storage containers loose on the world, we thought we’d share some food storage tips with you. Because a happy kitchen means a happy home.


GIDTBD_PrinceSpring_Food_Storage_Container_18pc_D_05231. Thou Shalt Not Separate Thine Tops From Thine Bottoms

We’ve all been there; in a rush to leave the house, you reach into the pantry to grab something to put the leftovers in on your way out the door… only to discover that there are five bajillion bottoms but zero tops to go with them.

If this were the ’90s, Alannis Morrisette would add your frantic search for a container top when you’re already late to her anthem “Ironic.”

But this is not the ’90s. It’s the teens. And our Simple Match System means your tops and bottoms will always match. We wish we could say the same about your outfits.

2. Thou Shalt Not Steal Thy Neighbor’s Lunch Receptacle

We know you’d never steal your coworker’s clearly-labeled lunch from the fridge (right, guys? Right?!!), but sometimes, there is a really cute container lingering in the sink, half-washed, the initials once lovingly inscribed in black Sharpie on the lid a faded kiss. Do you or don’t you?

Then, there’s the ultimate temptation: Food storage containers cleaned and put away, stacked neatly in the shared pantry with nary an initial or name in sight. If they neglected to bring it home, you know a good home it could go to…

Stop right there. Part of adulting is bringing your own so you never have to make the choice between losing food and losing a friend.



3. Thou Shalt Not Neglect Thine Storage Vessel

Life gets busy and sometimes, the leftovers you meant to toss on trash night get pushed to the back of the fridge along with the dregs of the milk and that single, sad onion. But the longer you wait, the longer things grow… need we say more?

A weekly clean out goes far, friends. Nobody wants to open up a time capsule from meals past. Besides, our Prince & Spring Food Storage Containers are dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to lift a finger… or a sponge.

4. Thou Shalt Not Eat Lukewarm Lunches Out of Thine Storage Container

Your vessel is your temple. Would you want still-cold-in-the-middle-mac-and-cheese in your temple? Us either. The food you eat should taste good the first time and every time. Our Prince & Spring Food Storage Containers are microwave safe so there is never a chill between you and food temperature nirvana.


5. Thou Shalt Be Organized For Ever and Evermore, Amen

Where is the salad? Right in front of you. What about the mixed nuts? Over there, next to the pasta. Clear storage means storage transparency.

See what you have. Be grateful for what you have. Eat what you have. It’s the cycle of food storage, and it is infinite.



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